Mobile app development is often used to develop the apps for mobile devices like mobile phones, personal digital assistants, and lot more. With the exploring nature of smartphones and tablets, it is becoming more popular in the field of software creation. Like desktop PC software development, programmers began to create applications for the minimal set of hardware. Various operating systems such as Android and iOS, support many types of apps like native apps, HTML5 apps, and hybrid apps. Native apps are created for those operating systems by using various software tools and languages in which iOS version uses Xcode and Objective –C and Android uses Eclipse and Java.

HTML5 apps use universal standards of web-technologies namely JavaScript, CSS, and HTML languages for better development for the user and the creator. It requires only less skill and minimal changes to ensure complete functionality of the operating system. Hybrid apps make use of the native system that merges or lies within the HTML5 apps. The software development kit is used to develop the applications in the mobile. In some cases, to develop an app the entire kit is not used, rather it uses Android SDK as it is freely applied to the users whereas iOS SDK requires developer license.